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Amar Pre-School



 “The only thing we do without a formal training is parenting,” Come;
  let us get ourselves trained as wise parents.


Some common problems faced in parenting

bullet My Child watches T.V. Continuously.
bullet He is intelligent but don’t get marks.
bullet Do not speak properly with elders.
bullet My Son eats Junk food too much.
bullet She is unable to concentrate.
bullet He Does Not respect My Communication & do not listen to me.

Over a period of time parenting has been a cause of concern amongst all. Many a times we feel that someone should be there to consult, Who would help us in addressing many questions in our daily parenting life

Some questions Like.

bullet How to answer questions asked by kids?
bullet How to talk to my teenager?
bullet How to handle exams stress/Anxiety?
bullet How to remove fear of math's?
bullet How to develop my child Emotionally?
bullet How to give Quality time?
bullet How to direct his energy positively?
bullet Which career would be most suitable to my child’s personality?
bullet How can I impart value of money?

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